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Pompeii contains two different worlds: the remains of one of the richest towns of Roman Empire and the Christian spirituality that attracts every year many pilgrims to the Sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary.
Pagan and Christian worlds coexist at a very short distance: they are however very different in ideals and aspirations.

Pompeii is famous all over the world because of the great tragedy of 79 a.C., when the rich Roman town was destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius, together with Stabiae, Oplontis and Ercolano. It was a terrible tragedy that however has allowed the preservation of the town for so many centuries. Now visitors can see how Roman towns lived.

Thanks to the excavations, tourists can travel in the past, in a lost world that was so important for our present world. Tourists can have a close look to the past, to the most interesting but also the negative elements of that civilization.
They can visit the temples, the public palaces, the rich noble villas, but also the shops, the poorer houses, the inns and the ‘lupanar’, that is all the places where the citizen lived his/her life.

Tourists live a very touching experience when they visit the recreation of the bodies made with chalk that show the agony of the inhabitants of Pompeii after the eruption, because of the hot gases coming from the volcano.

Pompeii has a strategic geographic position, a few kilometres from Naples and Salerno, near Ercolano, Sorrento Coast and Amalfi Coast. The isle of Capri can be seen from Pompeii.

Pompeii is a very rich town from an artistic and historical point of view, thanks to monuments, art and archaeological remains. It is a very important town also for Christians thanks to the sanctuary.

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