Capri and Amalfi Coast
Capri and Amalfi Coast

Capri and the Amalfi Coast are undoubtedly among the most renowned tourist areas in the whole of Campania, and it could not really be otherwise given the splendor of their natural landscapes.

The Amalfi Coast, a coastal area that UNESCO has declared a World Heritage Site, overlooks the Gulf of Salerno and includes places known to all the world for their beauty, such as Amalfi, in fact, and Positano.

It is an extraordinary area from the point of view of natural beauty, but also very suggestive and intriguing in its hinterland; a truly ideal place for a relaxing holiday, to discover local art, or even for a stay full of fun and worldliness.

Very close to this coastal area is the splendid Capri, a karst island well known for its high-level or even luxurious tourism, however not prohibitive in prices.

If you experience an excursion to Capri, you cannot help but visit the Marina Grande, the largest colorful beach on the island, the Migliera, an extraordinary cliff especially during sunset, Punta Carena, a truly extraordinary bay, and the Blue Grotto.

The artistic beauties of Capri are no less, just remember, for example, Villa San Michele, the Gardens of Augustus, the ancient convent Certosa di San Giacomo, and of course also the hinterland of Anacapri, full of places of interest.

It goes without saying that Capri lends itself perfectly to a pleasant boat trip, to experience the enchanting sea and its rocky coasts in a profound way. To learn more about the thousand beauties of Capri and the Amalfi Coast



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