Guide to the wonders of Campania
Guide to the wonders of Campania

Having as a reference a guide to the wonders of Campania is very important to organize your holiday in this beautiful region, especially if you want to experience an itinerant holiday.

Campania is a reason that really offers a lot; in reality, to really discover it in depth, it would take a very long time, however even with a short stay you can visit, albeit in a fleeting way, all its main places of interest.

Campania is above all an extraordinary place from the point of view of natural beauty: the coastal area is extraordinary and offers unique landscapes, especially as regards the Amalfi Coast and the famous islands, Capri above all.

The inland area is no exception, and there are numerous very suggestive areas of unspoiled green, as well as natural parks.
The main city, Naples, is a varied metropolis rich in art and culture, as well as in entertainment and, why not, also in taste and good food.
Among the places of greatest historical interest we must certainly mention the localities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, which contain an inestimable artistic heritage.

An authentic symbol of Naples and Campania is alsoVesuvius, the large quiescent volcano that dominates vast areas, including the splendid coast, and is surrounded by the Vesuvius National Park which contains some very rare flora and fauna.



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